Beginner language learner

Learning language by yourself is so difficult! Especially spanish. Even though I don’t have any problems with vocabulary, people speak too fast for me to understand… It’s frustrating!

But I’m not giving up. I want to be able to communicate! I want to know another language and understand the culture a lot better. Be strong, study!


By the way, I got a letter from my friend from China! She’s so nice, but I’m a bit worried because she’s so busy. I hope she won’t overwork herself! She inspires me to work harder. And, as you can see, I got a beautiful postcard from her! As I collect postcards I absolutely love it.

And, about postcards: I’m back to postcrossing! Yay!



I went to a convention a few days ago. I’ve met a lot of people, crazy cosplayers, and one of my favorite characters: Lightning!

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Soft look, gentle cuteness

Hi! I wanted to show you guys my recent purchase. These are my three new eyeshadows form the brand essence. Let’s take a closer look!

It actually started with the pink one, since the previous one (which I got from a different brand) broke. I saw this beauty and I had to buy it!


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