Soft look, gentle cuteness

Hi! I wanted to show you guys my recent purchase. These are my three new eyeshadows form the brand essence. Let’s take a closer look!

It actually started with the pink one, since the previous one (which I got from a different brand) broke. I saw this beauty and I had to buy it!


It looks like a really dark pink, but it’s actually not as pigmented. It’s light, a little bit sparkly, and very very pretty! Especially paired up with the next one which is silver.

Here, you can see how it looks! It’s like a really soft touch, right?

It’s number 04 “I’m blushing”.

Here you can see the silver one!


I have a one word to describe it: sparkling! You can feel like a star! It’s number 11 “tiffuny”.

Moving on to the last one, I’m not really sure if I’ll be wearing this often but I’ll definitely try to create an interesting look using number 09 “bahama-mama” from the velvets series. It’s light blue/green colour that reminds me of the sea! Isn’t it pretty?



I mixed up two – silver and blue and it worked out quite well. My camera isn’t really good at catching details, the eyeshadows look much more vivid in the real life. Which one is your favorite? I like the fact that they stay all day and don’t come off that easily. I don’t like eyeshadows that at the end of a day are all over your face, haha

That’s it for today! Thank you very much for reading and have a nice day!


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