Cats. Day in the sun!


Cats exist to be loved. Don’t they?Sunny day is a perfect occasion to come out. Cats thought so too, so they came to our garden! They aren’t the most beautiful cats I’ve seen in my life, but all of them have their own unique charm. They were so thin after winter, even though we tried to feed them often… Anyway, it seems like they came for dinner, so the dinner was served!


I call this little one Ginger. In the beginning there were two cats that were visiting our garden, Esmeralda and Eustace. Eustace was a beautiful magnificent orange cat. This little kitten has fur like Esmeralda, but with random orange spots, so I think it’s the child of the pair! Cute, right? That’s why I gave him this name.


Yummy, isn’t it Ginger? Moving on, the new guest came. The cat didn’t know us yet, so it was nearly impossible to come close to him. And he was meowing all the time.


So I named him Noisy. I’m certain it’s a male. But I may be wrong.


By the way, I was really happy to climb a very tall ladder to cut the tree a little bit. It’s always exciting to be high. Yeah, I know it sounds bad.


Have a good day everyone! May the rest of the spring be as beautiful as this sunny Saturday!


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