I went to a convention a few days ago. I’ve met a lot of people, crazy cosplayers, and one of my favorite characters: Lightning!


IMG_20170429_140042I was very surprised that someone dressed up as Aurora from Child of Light. I love this game so much! I was truly happy that I could meet the girl in real life ❤

I highly recommend this game! It’s so bad that I couldn’t get more photos of Aurora…


Moving on, I met a Predator! To be honest I’ve met the whole family of predators, but menaged to take a photo only with one. But it’s more than enough!


One of the most awesome costumes was mecha godzilla. So clever! I had to take a photo of course.



I fell in love with asheruto_cosplay (find her on instagram, she’s amazing!!!!). She was so nice and did a really good job making her costume.


Oh, and the convention couldn’ be completed without Miku-chan!


The last character I wanna show you is very important… It’s Jesus!


As you can see the whole area was so crowded, but I’m glad I could take at least some photos that I really like. How to have fun on the convention? Talk with people! They are as crazy as you! Haha



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